Probably the most well known Albertan city next to Jasper and Banff, and definitely the most obnoxious.


Official Nicknames: Heart of the New West, Cowtown, The Stampede City

Unofficial Nicknames: Cowgary (Probably made by Edmonton, but unfortunately sounds more cute than threatening)

Motto: Onward

Established: 1875

Incorporated (Town): 1884

Incorporated (City): 1894

Hockey Team: The Calgary Flames


In the recent economic boom/bust cycles, Calgary has always been sailing smooth financially. Like most of Alberta, his top three industries include agriculture, cows, and oil;all of which he has been successfully making a fortune off of forever. And what better use of a fortune than to spend it on outrageously expensive things? The Calgary Tower, the Saddledome, and of course, the Calgary Stampede. Calgary is a heavy spender when it comes to himself, but he's actually decaying from the inside as he ignores maintaining his existing buildings in favour of shiny new ones. Because of this, he's the third most expensive place to live in Canada, next to Vancouver and Toronto.

Due to his urban sprawl and being filthy rich, he is the largest city of Alberta and often thought to be Alberta's capital. This is not true, but that doesn't stop it from going to his head! A lot of cities, or maybe just Edmonton, strongly dislike him for some reason and often blame everything on him. No one is sure why, but when jokes about Toronto or Ontario in general get old, Calgary is the next one in line for envy and blame. Of course, he doesn't usually hear this sort of nonsense over the sound of his own awesome.

Like Edmonton, Calgary has a serious road rage issue, perhaps even worse; like a crude, angry, and violent Montreal. "How To Be Canadian" describes typical Calgarian driving as "trying to pass each other in the drive-through lane".

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