The Dinosaur capital of Alberta, Canada, and maybe even the world!


Official Nicknames: Dinosaur Capital of the World

Unofficial Nicknames: Dinosaur Valley

Established: 1910

Incorporated (Town): 1916

Incorporated (City): 1930

Reincorporated (Town): 1997


As of yet, no one knows what gender Drumheller is. Which is just fine, Drumheller prefers it that way. Digging up dinosaur fossils is a hobby that can be enjoyed by any gender, really.

Originally, Drumheller was a coal miner, even after the first Albertosaurus skull was discovered in 1884. Today, Drumheller has large oil and natural gas deposits, but most important are the dinosaurs upon which Drumheller managed to build an industry with almost 400,000 tourists a year at the Royal Tyrell Museum alone. On top of that, Drumheller has connections with museums across the world that showcase the rare fossils dug up in the area. When not digging for new fossils or working to preserve the ones that have been found, Drumheller loves to entertain, educate and excite tourists about the distant past and the near future of our dear planet.

Drumheller has abosorbed many other nearby municipalities, but dropped city status just recently for provincial and federal benefits. In true small town fashion, Drumheller refuses to have a cell phone and would rather eat somewhere other than Tim Horton's. Why bother when you have the landscape that once teemed with such alien life and provided the setting and inspiration behind countless movies? Call the Badlands what you will, but to Drumheller, it's the best place on Earth.

Drumheller has chin length dirt blonde hair, green eyes, and owns a large array of fedoras and sunhats.