The energy city and one of the smallest in the province.

She is Canada's sunshine capital.


Official Nicknames: The Energy City

Unofficial Nicknames: Canada's Sunshine Capital

Motto: In italics

Established: 1892

Incorporated (Town): 1906

Incorporated (City): 1957

Hockey Team: (Feel free to delete if it does not apply


Estevan is very hyper and bubbly. She's also got a tan year round because she is the Sunshine Capital of Canada. She would like to stress the fact that just because she has lots of sunshine doesn't mean that she isn't as tough as the rest of the prairie cities. She gets loads of snow too, it just happens to be sunny out when she gets it. She is also one of those cities who lives particularily close to Alfred.

Estevan is a bit of a valley girl and can be a bit superficial and come across as a bit thick. But she isn't afraid to get dirty and is in fact a coal miner and has a booming oil and gas industry. In 1931 some of her friends came to protest about coal mining conditions and while they were protesting some RCMP Regina came and killed three of them. Because of that she now hates the RCMP and even put 'Murdered by the RCMP' on all three of her friends' tombstones and refuses to take it off much to the chagrin of the RCMP.

Even though she is hyper, when she manages to sit still she usually spends that time writing little regional newspapers.

Her favourite colour is yellow. For the sun, wheat, and the eye burningly bright text on her official website.

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Estevan and ReginaEdit

Estevan used to get along pretty well with Regina. At least until 1931. He trains the infernal RCMP. They murdered three friends of her's. Even though they still live very close to each other, they aren't nearly as close as before. They've had a strained relationship ever since.

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