Welcome to the I Am Matthewian Cities Index!

A sub-wikia of The I Am Matthewian Project, the I Am Matthewian Cities Index was created to organize and inform any information regarding personified cities created by the cast and crew of the project. So far, we will be including only Canadian cities. If you are interested in claiming or adding information about a city, please let us know!

About UsEdit

The IAM Cities Project, being a subgroup of the IAM project, shares its disclaimer in that all characters from "Axis Powers Hetalia" belong to Hidekaz Himaruya, and Canada's 13 Provinces and Territories are the creation of ctcsherry. All rights reserved by their respective owners.

We strive to be accurate with our creations, but if you have an issue with the personification of a city you live in or know well, the creators would be happy to take it up with you in order to improve their characterizations.

Now, explore the wiki and see if your city has been personified yet! ...Well, see if their creator has made a page for them yet, anyway...

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