Little Chicago with his fedora.

His name is Cree for "Warm Breeze"...seriously.


Official Nicknames: The Jaw, The Friendly City, Little Chicago

Unofficial Nicknames: Here

Motto: There's a Future in Our Past

Established: 1882

Incorporated (Town): 1884

Incorporated (City): 1903

Hockey Team: Moose Jaw Warriors


Half pilot, half 1920s gangster. That is Moose Jaw in a nutshell. He used to be called Little Chicago in the 20s. He had it all, the illegal gambling, liquor trafficking, a possible visit from Al Capone, and underground tunnels connecting a lot of his buildings. Is it any wonder that he is a bit nostalgic for the past. He'll watch old black and white movies alone and reminisce about the good old days.

Since being a classy gangster is no longer an option he has become a pilot. The pilot of a Snowbird to be exact. His airbase is the largest employer inside of Moose Jaw. Although even if he has mostly said goodbye to the old days he still enjoys playing old card games and wins and awful lot of them. Something fishy going on...

He got burned quite a few times in the past and now he tries to build most of his buildings out of bricks. He also teaches trades and technologies at SIAST.

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