Official Nicknames: BC's Northern Capital, The Gateway to Northern BC

Unofficial Nicknames: PG, Prince

Motto: Shaping A Northern Destiny

Established: 1807

Incorporated: March 6th, 1915


Prince George is the type of girl who loves to shop and dress herself up all pretty like, but then goes out hunting on the weekends with her buds, gets drunk, and comes home with moose ribs or a nice venison steak that she shot herself. She has amazing aim with nearly any gun (or bow and arrow), and will shoot if she feels she needs to . . . or wants to . . . or is just bored out of her mind. Her house floods a lot because of her two rivers freezing and forming ice jams when it gets cold, and she also has an issue with drugs, but for the most part she's a good person. She may seem like the unholy mix of a girly-girl ditz and a redneck, but she's actually quite keen on industry, economy, education, and the arts. If you forget (or just don't care) that she's the capital of Northern BC, she will fire her rifle off in your butt-hole and then pistol whip you. SHE IS THE CAPITAL OF NORTHERN BC.


She's the second largest city in all of BC, and most young people in the province go to her house for college or university. If you live in the north and want to go the big city, you usually go to PG, even though she really doesn't have a lot of city-like qualities (when you're in the city, it looks more like a town, just a really really big town).


She really gets along well with everyone, but she likes to shoot at some of the southern BC cities for fun. She shares a common name with Prince Rupert , a port city, and hangs out with him sometimes, but basically sticks to hanging out with her northern BC buddies. Since she's the largest city in the north, and if you're going anywhere in northern BC you basically have to drive by her house, the other northern cities and town spend a lot of time with and around her.