Official Nicknames: The City of Rainbows

Unofficial Nicknames: (none found)

Established: (not found)

Incorporated (Town): March 10th, 1910


Prince Rupert is an odd duck. His home is in the north, but he doesn't get snow at his house. Or sun. Or anything aside from wind and rain. He lives on an island, but he has a bridge that connects him to the mainland. Since he doesn't get a lot of sun, a lot of people who can't get a lot of sun due to skin conditions go to live at his place. He's a generally fun loving guy, and he loves to hang out with people, but he's also very determined and is actually a good business man. He prides himself on being the water, land, and air transportation hub of the province. Because he's albino, he won't go into direct sunlight, carries SPF 50,000 with him at all times, his glasses (which he doesn't need for sight) are polaroid lenses, and his umbrella is basically glued to his hand (some suspect he would do this even if he wasn't albino). Sometimes he likes to push people into the ocean just because he finds it funny. His favourite victims are the southern cities, Prince George , Ontario, Quebec, and the prairie provinces and cities.


He has 100 Days of Sun (on average)! Cruise ships from the lower 48 pass by him all the time and he's actually a very important part of the province transportation wise.


A lot like Yukon, he doesn't really like Alaska, but visits him regularly to bug the crap out of him. He gets along okay with almost all of the southern cities and the northern cities. In the winter he hangs with the southern cities, but in the summer he stays in the north.

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