Regina ID

The Queen City also why I shouldn't be allowed to draw the IDs.

The capital of Saskatchewan and the source of all flat rumors.


Official Nicknames: The Queen City, Pile-of-Bones (former name)

Unofficial Nicknames: The city that rhymes with fun, City on the Horizon

Motto: Let Regina/ the Queen flourish

Established: 1882

Incorporated (Town):

Incorporated (City): 1903

Hockey Team: The Regina Pats


Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan. But unlike Edmonton he has been a capital for a pretty long time. He took over as NWT's capital from North Battleford. So he was chosen to be the capital of Saskatchewan when he moved out of her house.

He is rather reserved and feels like he has to be responsible and a role model for the other Saskatchewan cities. He has always been given tremendous amounts of responsibility and is truly honored that Matthew entrusted him with the exclusive training of the RCMP. But as the head of RCMP training he has been called on to do some questionable things that he regrets. He'd never admit it but he secretly resents having to always be the mature and responsible one of his siblings. He has a bit of kleptomania and it has gotten him the infamous title of crime capital of Canada. Something that many people find hard to believe having met him.

There is one fool proof way of making him lose his cool demeanor however. The Riders. He has as much pride in them as his siblings and goes a little crazy when they make it to the Grey Cup and even sometimes when they don't.

He is the reason that people make flat Saskatchewan jokes. This embarassed him a bit so he did some home decorating. Regina goes to extravagant lengths to home decorate sometimes. Like piling up tons of skulls he had some strange tastes back in the day around his house or making himself a giant lake and building a needlessly long bridge over top of it.

He doesn't appreciate when people laugh at his name and would like you all to know that it is R-E-G-I-N-A and not the word that it rythmes with. It isn't his fault that they thought that his long hair made him look like a girl when they named him. Not that he minds, he loves the queen.

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