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Established: 1905

Incorporated: 1905


Salmon Arm is a sweet, caring boy with a love for the outdoors and the cultural arts. He can be naiive, but makes up for it with a sharp wit. He takes great pride in the fact that a mountain near his home (Mt. Bastion) is featured on the driver's licences of BC. Tourism is important to him, but many of his tourists are just passers-through on the way to their destination. Forestry is his biggest employer, but he also benefits from close acces to the CPR. He loves food from around the world, and has a special place in his heart for his sister city, Inashiki, Ibaraki, Japan, and holds his friendship with Japan dear to his heart. despite his sweet nature, Salmon Arm can have the cruelty of a child sometimes, and takes great pleasure in tricking the larger cities, particularly Vancouver and his brother Kelowna.


Salmon Arm has several outdoor activity attractions, as well as many cultural festivals throughout the year. The many lakes around his house serve as tourist attractions as well, and he has several paddling and boating competitions, particularily Dragon Boat racing.


Salmon Arm is the smallest of his brothers, so he's often picked on. He's a favourite victim of Kelowna's antics, but he gives as good as he gets. He can often be seen with one of his brothers or his sister city, who he loves very much. Many of the larger cities forget about him, but he doesn't seem to mind, and uses it to is advantage when pulling pranks of Vancouver.

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