is well known because of Olympics. He carries around a messenger bag that seems to hold everything.

Yes Victoria is the capital not him


Official Nicknames: Hollywood north, Van

Unofficial Nicknames: Vanny, Canadian China

Motto: By Sea, Land, and Air We Prosper

Incorporated (City): 1886

Hockey Team: Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver Card by Misharoyuki

another less sketchy pic of van by Misha


He had worked really hard along with Whisler and Richmond to make the olympics. Was abit embarassed when the hydrolics for the caldron did not work but managed to find the funny side. So far he's been really cool about the money he got from the games. He's also in the competition for "Greenest City".

Touristry is his main souce of income. With places like Stanley Park, Van Dusen Gardens, Queen Elizabeth Park, GM place, The Vancouver Art Gallery and UBC's huge campus and even Nude Beach (don't worry no one acually goes there nude) you can see why he's a popular place to be. Oh yeah and he has the largest chinatown north of San Fransico followed by Toronto, Montreal(wha?) and Calgary.

For some odd reason some people think he's from the Washington. Vancouver is constanly over looked for the Metro Vancouver area. Beacuse of this he feels very close to the other cities that are grouped into the "lower mainland" catagory with him.... That and it almost never takes more than half an hour to get to each other.

He very much likes his music and parks. Has many great singers from Camille Henderson to D.A.O to Marianas Trench to Black Mountain. No wonder he's called Hollywood north.

He's a bit of a hot shot, fast to pull out his fists (or weapon) in a fight. He loves the night life, downtown eastside is dangerous anytime of day but usally at night, is very social except when he's drunk.....

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