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Incorporated: December 30th, 1892


Vernon is the economic hub of the Okanagan. Despite this, he's a quite and studious person. During both world wars, he was a very important training sight. Because of this, he might come off as a little military-esce in his behaviours. Contrastingly, the First Nations of the area, The Okanagan people, are traditionally peacfull hunter-gatherers, so he hates fighting and tries to be a peace keeper rather than an enforcer. He keeps himself fit through several outdoor activities. However, he's also ranked as one of the tops cities to retire to in North America. He's usually calm and collected, but his brother Kelowna has a way of making him blow his lid. Sometimes, if he's in the right mood, he'll use blackmail to get what he wants.


Vernon is nice a sunny, like all the other Okanagan brothers. Because of this, he's a tourist hot spot. He also has a deep love of the arts, having several festivals to celebrate music, theatre, and other arts. He's known for his beaches and lakes in the summer, and his hockey and skiing in the winter, making for excalent year-round tourism.


Vernon keeps to himself for the most part, but he does keep regular contact with his brothers and sister cities. Because of his quiet personality, other's have a tendancy to unload stress onto him by ranting. Thus, he knows many secrets. You have to be careful though, sometimes he will throw your secrets back in your face if you annoy him.

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