A small city who lives close to the Sask-Mani border. Pretty quiet.


Official Nicknames: Here

Unofficial Nicknames: Here

Motto: In italics

Established: 1882

Incorporated (Town): 1900

Incorporated (City): 1928

Hockey Team: Yorkton Terriers


Yorkton is the eastern-most city. It is very close to the SK/MB border. It is surronded by lovely rolling farmland interspersed with clumps of boreal forest.

It is rather quiet and sometimes forgotten by people who aren't from Eastern Saskatchewan. It is the urban centre of Eastern Saskatchewan and is surronded by loads of towns. Although there are some Saskatchewan cities who don't even know that it exists. That would be because of its quietness. It generally keeps to itself and can usually be found farming. Is closer to some of the Manitoban cities than to most of the Saskatchewan cities. Its not that it doesn't like them its just that sometimes they forget about it. And are like 'Where on earth is Yorkton?'

Yorkton adores anything farm related and enjoys showing off it's agricultural produce.

A prime example of it being ignored or simply not known is when it flooded last year (along with Saskatoon). The PM was in Western Canada and completely ignored it. Just flew over to visit Calgary.

Speaking of flooding, since last year Yorkton hasn't been overtly appreciative of water since it almost drowned it. Although it does appreciate the shorebirds and just birds in general that it brings to it's area. Birdwatching is something that Yorkton enjoys doing in it's down time.

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Yorkton and York(Toronto)Edit

They aren't close but they are actually distantly related to each other. Yorkton was orginally founded by settlers from York county. Toronto like most cities (especially the non-Saskatchewanian or Manitoban ones) doesn't even know that Yorkton exists.